Corporate Information


Board of Directors

Executive Directors
Dr Lee Shau Kee (Chairman and Managing Director)
Dr Lee Ka Kit (Vice Chairman)
Dr Lam Ko Yin, Colin (Vice Chairman)
Lee Ka Shing (Vice Chairman)
Yip Ying Chee, John
Suen Kwok Lam
Fung Lee Woon King
Lau Yum Chuen, Eddie
Kwok Ping Ho
Wong Ho Ming, Augustine
Non-executive Directors
Lee Pui Ling, Angelina
Lee Tat Man
Independent Non-executive Directors
Kwong Che Keung, Gordon
Professor Ko Ping Keung
Wu King Cheong
Woo Ka Biu, Jackson
Leung Hay Man
Professor Poon Chung Kwong

Audit Committee

Kwong Che Keung, Gordon *
Professor Ko Ping Keung
Wu King Cheong
Leung Hay Man

Remuneration Committee

Wu King Cheong *
Dr Lee Shau Kee
Dr Lam Ko Yin, Colin
Kwong Che Keung, Gordon
Professor Ko Ping Keung

Nomination Committee

Dr Lee Shau Kee *
Dr Lam Ko Yin, Colin
Kwong Che Keung, Gordon
Professor Ko Ping Keung
Wu King Cheong

Corporate Governance Committee

Kwong Che Keung, Gordon *
Leung Hay Man
Professor Poon Chung Kwong

Company Secretary

Liu Cheung Yuen, Timon

Registered Office

Address: 72-76/F, Two International Finance Centre , 8 Finance Street, Central , Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 2908 8888
Facsimile: (852) 2908 8838


Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited
46th Floor, Hopewell Centre
183 Queen's Road East
Hong Kong

Share Listing

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code : 12)

Shares are also traded in the United States through an American Depositary Receipt Level 1 Programme
(Ticker Symbol: HLDCY
CUSIP Reference Number: 425166303)

Authorised Representatives

Dr Lam Ko Yin, Colin
Liu Cheung Yuen, Timon




Woo, Kwan, Lee & Lo
Lo & Lo

Principal Bankers

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Hang Seng Bank Limited
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
The Bank of East Asia, Limited
Standard Chartered Bank

Group Executives

Dr Lee Shau Kee GBM, DBA (Hon), DSSc (Hon), LLD (Hon) General Manager
Dr Lee Ka Kit GBS, JP, DBA (Hon) Deputy General Manager
Dr Lam Ko Yin, Colin FCILT, FHKIoD, DB (Hon) Deputy General Manager
Lee Ka Shing   Deputy General Manager
Yip Ying Chee, John LLB, FCIS Assistant General Manager

Departmental Executives

Group Business Development Department
Yip Ying Chee, John LLB, FCIS Executive Director
Project Management (1) Department
Yu Wai Wai JP, BA (AS), B Arch, FHKIA, HonFHKIPM,
Authorized Person (Architech), Registered Architect (HK)
General Manager
Project Management (2) Department
Kwok Man Cheung, Victor BA (AS), B Arch (Dist), MSc (Con P Mgt),
Authorized Person (Architect), Registered Architect (HK),
PRC Class 1 Registered Architect Qualification
General Manager
Siu Sing Yeung, Tony B.Arch (Hons), HKIA,
Authorized Person (Architect), Registered Architect (HK),
PRC Class 1 Registered Architect Qualification
Senior Deputy General Manager
Property Development Department
Wong Ho Ming, Augustine JP, MSc, MEcon, FHKIS, MRICS, MCIArb, RPS (GP) Executive Director
Yu Hon Kwan, Randy MH, JP General Manager
Leung Shu Ki, Shuki BA (Hons), MHKIP, MRTPI, MCIP, RPP (HK), MCILT, MCIArb, AHKIArb Deputy General Manager
Property Planning Department
Leung Kam Leung MSc, PGDMS, FHKIS, FRICS, RPS (GP) General Manager
Construction Department
Wong Wing Hoo, Billy BBS, JP, BSc, FICE, FHKIE, FIHT, FHKIHT, RPE General Manager
Chan Wai Yin, Desmond APHK Deputy General Manager
Engineering Department
Cheng Yuk Lun, Stephen BSc (Eng), C Eng, MICE, MIStructE, MHKIE, RPE, Registered Structural Engineer, Registered Geotechnical Engineer, Authorized Person (List II), PRC Class 1 Registered Structural Engineer Qualification Senior General Manager
Building Quality Planning Department
Lam Sik Kong, Eddy   General Manager
Sales Department
Wong Man Wa, Raymond LLB., PCLL, Solicitor Senior General Manager
Sales (1) Department
Lam Tat Man, Thomas MEM(UTS), DMS, EHKIM, MHIREA, CHINA GBL MANAGER General Manager
Sales (2) Department
Hahn Ka Fai, Mark BSc, MRICS, MHKIS, RPS(GP) General Manager
China Sales Centre
Choi Ngai Min, Michael BBS, JP In Charge
Portfolio Leasing Department
Lee Pui Man, Margaret BHum (Hons) Senior General Manager
Sit Pak Wing, Patrick ACIS, FHIREA General Manager
Property Management Department
Suen Kwok Lam BBS, JP, MH, FHIREA Executive Director
Retail and Hotel Management Department
Li Ning BSc, MBA General Manager
Comm. & Ind. Properties Department
Ng Ngok Kwan   General Manager
General Manager Department
Ngai Tung Hai, Karsky FRICS, MHKIS, AACI Manager
Dr Wong Kim Wing, Ball BA(AS), B Arch, PhD (Finance), FHKIA, Registered Architect (HK), Authorized Person (List 1, HK) Group Consultant
Finance Department
Lau Yum Chuen, Eddie   Executive Director
Kwok Ping Ho BSc, MSc, Post-Graduate Diploma in Surveying, ACIB Executive Director
Lee King Yue   Executive Director of
Henderson Real Estate
Agency Limited
Cashier Department
Fung Lee Woon King   Treasurer
Human Resources Department
Dr Lam Ko Yin, Colin FCILT, FHKIoD, DB (Hon) Executive Director
Wong Ying Kin, Frankie MSc, MBA, BBA, DMS, MIHRM General Manager
Company Secretarial Department
Liu Cheung Yuen, Timon BEc, FCPA, CA (Aust), FCS, FCIS General Manager
Accounts Department
Wong Wing Kee, Christopher BSc (Econ), FCA General Manager
Audit Department
Choi Kam Fai, Thomas B Comm, CPA (Canada), CMA General Manager
Information Technology Department
Kum Tak Cheung, Bassanio General Manager
Corporate Communications Department
Ngan Suet Fong, Bonnie BBA General Manager
* Committee Chairman