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Henderson Land Breaks Ground on Iconic Mega Tower
Shenyang International Finance Centre - Tallest Building in Northeast China
and One of the Tallest Buildings in the World

Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China, May 26: -- The groundbreaking ceremony for the Shenyang International Finance Centre ("Shenyang IFC") held today in northeast China's financial hub - Shenyang City - marks the birth of a new landmark complex proudly presented by Henderson Land Development Company Limited ("Henderson Land").

On completion, Shenyang IFC will join the league of the world's most iconic mega towers as the tallest building in northeast China and one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Officiating at the groundbreaking ceremony was Dr The Honourable Lee Shau Kee, GBM, Chairman of Henderson Land who was joined by Mr Zhang Wenyue, Secretary of CCP Liaoning Provincial Committee and Mr Chen Zhenggao, Governor of Liaoning Provincial Government.

Located in the heart of the Shenyang City's Central Business District, this world class integrated development - modelled on the award winning International Finance Centre in Hong Kong also developed by Henderson Land - will set a new paradigm for high-end multi-use complexes in northeast China.

Speaking at today's ceremony attended by some 400 business leaders, senior bankers, financial analysts and Government officials, Dr Lee Shau Kee said, "We are proud to deliver what is promised to be Shenyang's most prestigious landmark, the Shenyang International Finance Centre complex. We have great confidence in Shenyang's future development and China's strong economic growth. This large scale development and the many landmark projects we are building across mainland China demonstrate our earnest commitment to assisting our Motherland in the promotion of its growth, progress and prosperity."

Dr Lee Shau Kee adds, "These developments also represent Henderson Land's growing portfolio of quality projects, which will form an important driver for the Group's profits in the years to come."

Henderson Land has assembled the world's finest architects, engineers and special consultants to build Shenyang's icon to the world, which will further enhance Shenyang's status as 'the' financial and business city of the region. Pei Partnership Architects, the international accredited firm closely associated with world-renowned architect I.M Pei, is the appointed architects for the 89-storey mega tower; and Aedas Limited, one of the world's largest architectural practises, is designing the master plan for the development.

With its unrivalled location offering easy access to railway and subway stations, state-of-the-art facilities and intelligent design - all designed to the most demanding specifications - Shenyang IFC will be 'the' address in the city for mainland and foreign companies. Commanding a gross floor area of 5,700,000 sq ft, this modern development provides unparallel connectivity between the Grade A offices, serviced apartments, 5-star suite hotel, 4-level retail mall and transport links.

A green and sustainable development with more than 35% of the site dedicated to public open space, the Shenyang International Finance Centre also provides a lush green environment for community enjoyment in the heart of the city.

The Shenyang International Financial Centre is scheduled for completion in 2012.

Shenyang International Finance Centre artist impression

Proposed plaza perspective

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