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The recent incident relating to the repossession of the Company’s land in Ma Shi Po

Conflict occurred after a group of individuals charged at security guards, resulting in injuries

  • On 28th April 2016, one of our security guards was injured when a group of individuals forcefully entered the Company’s 5,500-square-foot parcel of land in Ma Shi Po and charged at the security guards in an attempt to stop the site workers from carrying out their work. Some of these individuals also climbed up onto a construction vehicle, endangering themselves and others. These hostile actions were regrettable, but also illegal. As a Company, we always seek to resolve disputes in a peaceful manner and we certainly want to avoid any injuries. We urge these individuals to leave our land and refrain from any further actions that could cause harm to themselves and to others.

Nine-year forbearance as the Company has sought to repossess its property peacefully from a former deadbeat tenant

  • We have reached private repossession agreements with more than 130 tenants in Ma Shi Po over the past few years and they have all moved out peacefully. This recent incident is the first time we have ever experienced willful aggression targeted at obstructing the Company from rightfully regaining control of its land.
  • The aforesaid parcel of land has been occupied unlawfully by a former tenant, Mr Au, for approximately 9 years after the tenancy agreement expired. During this time, the Company has tried on many occasions and in many ways to reach an agreement with him to release the land. We offered Mr Au compensation at no less than the Government would have offered to eligible occupants. We also offered him the lease on another piece of land in exchange, as Mr Au was only using the Company’s land for gardening activities. Although he responded positively at first, Mr Au subsequently rejected both offers.
  • It is always the Company’s intention to reclaim our lands peacefully and by means of mutual agreement. Many other former tenants have moved out through amicable discussion and settlement. In addition to offering cash compensation, for those who were waiting for public housing, many of whom were senior citizens, we also offered them the option to stay until their public housing units were available for occupation. It is the Company’s policy that repossession of our land is to be done in a peaceful manner. We have never tried to evict anyone by force, nor ruin anyone’s home.

Our response to several false accusations and our hope for Mr Au and the group to leave peacefully

  • Accusations have been made that a driver at the site started a construction vehicle despite some individuals having climbed on to it. Having investigated this matter, we understand that the driver only switched on the engine to test it as he was worried that the vehicle could have been damaged. He did not move the vehicle at all.
  • With regards to the boundary of our land in this land repossession process, we would like to clarify that a court bailiff has already entered the site together with a surveyor. As such, the boundary of the land has been clearly and legally defined.
  • The Company will only apply for an injunction as a measure of last resort. We hope that Mr Au and the other individuals will leave peacefully. Should they have any other reasonable suggestions which may help to resolve this matter, we would be most happy to listen and give consideration to them.