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Interim Injunction Issued Forbidding Former Tenant and His Associates from
Obstructing Henderson Land from Repossessing its Land in Ma Shi Po

The High Court today allowed the application of a subsidiary of Henderson Land Development Company Limited, Best Galaxy Limited (“the Company”), for an injunction restraining all people wrongfully occupying and using, hindering access to or egress from, or obstructing the Company’s employees, contractors and agents from entering or using, a piece of land in Ma Shi Po (“the Trespassing Actions”), from continuing the Trespassing Actions.

The Company previously rented a piece of 5,500-square-foot of land in Ma Shi Po to a tenant Mr Au. The tenancy was terminated in 2007, but Mr Au has all along refused to return possession of the land. After commencing legal action, judgment was entered in favour of the Company in 2015. The court bailiff delivered possession of the land to the Company on 23rd March 2016. However, Mr. Au and his associates unlawfully re-entered and occupied the land thereafter. They even expanded their occupation to the adjacent land and tried to rally in the internet the public to join in their wrongful occupation of the land. Therefore, the Company has successfully applied to the High Court for injunction today.

We shall not take any immediate actions for the time being. We have always hoped that the matter can be resolved amicably and urge Mr Au and his associates to vacate the land peacefully.