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Henderson Land to sponsor the Chinese New Year Parade for the first time
Float named "Royal Retreat" demonstrates imperial splendour

Hong Kong, February 6, 2007: Henderson Land Development Company Limited (Henderson) will take part in the International Chinese New Year Night Parade on February 18, which is organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. A dazzling float, named "Royal Retreat", blending the French and Italian artistic elements of the Beverly Hills, is presented in the appearance of an imperial crown. The design of a royal court with shimmering blazes and thousands of sparkling crystal lights create a colourful setting of the grandiose architecture itself. A noble couple will be on the float to deliver royal salute, portraying the aura of "living happily ever after" as in a fairy tale. Together with the classical waltz performance by a group of nearly 40 dancers add splendid appeal to the party.