1. Overseeing the Management Accounts
With reference to the financial situation of each property, Goodwill shall prepare a comprehensive and reasonable management budget annually for each property under its management portfolio. To ensure a promising investment return for properties under Goodwill's management, we have been regularly devising plans and programmes for the preventive maintenance of the building and the facilities therein as well as proposals for enhancement of the property value.
2. Overseeing the Performance of Contractors

Security service

Cleaning service
Repair and Maintenance of the Central Air-conditioning System
Repair and Maintenance of other facilities such as Lifts, Fire Services Equipment, Water and Electricity Supply System, etc.
3. Supervision of Daily Operation of Car Parks
Apart from the daily operation of shroff office as well as the repair and maintenance of the Car Parks, the air quality inside the Car Parks is also under our close monitoring to ensure its compliance with the statutory requirements for environmental protection.
4. Customer Services
Our staff are friendly, proactive and attentive when rendering assistance and answering inquiries from our valuable Tenants and Visitors so to enable them to be in a home-like environment.
5. Value-added Services
Beside managing the common areas of our properties, we also offer to our Tenants minor maintenance services at cost and extra value-added services.
6. Insurance Coverage
To safeguard the interest of the Landlords, Tenants, passer-by and our customers, Goodwill has taken out insurance like public liability insurance and property all risk insurance for common areas and facilities of the properties. Tenants have also insured their leased premises at their own cost.

Enforcement of Tenancy Agreements
To properly enforce the terms of tenancy agreements entered into between landlords and tenants.