Corporate Social Responsibility

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As a responsible corporate citizen, Henderson Land strives to ensure our commercial objectives align with the long-term prosperity and well-being of Hong Kong. The Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy serves as our mandate for positively contributing to Hong Kong’s social, economic and environmental development, and endorses our support of meaningful community-oriented activities in partnership with our key stakeholders. We continuously devise new initiatives that build further momentum and deliver sustained positive change in the community. The “Henderson Warmth Foundation” is our charitable fund which serves as a platform for the Group, its subsidiaries and associates to support deserving causes with the aim of relieving poverty and suffering in Hong Kong and mainland China. To-date, the Foundation has sponsored and subsidized over 500 charitable and community projects, benefitting many people from all backgrounds.

Dr The Honourable Lee Shau Kee, the Group’s Chairman, is a well-respected philanthropist. Through the Lee Shau Kee Foundation, Dr Lee has made generous contributions totalling billions of Hong Kong dollars to numerous education and community projects in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas, bringing remarkable and immeasurable benefits to society. To address the imminent accommodation needs of the Hong Kong population, he has personally pioneered a series of land donations, including one for the development of Hong Kong’s largest residential care homes for the elderly and another for a youth hostel. To learn more about Dr Lee’s philanthropic initiatives, please refer to his official website:

Henderson Land continues to forge close partnerships with our employees, community bodies, society, and government to address the needs of the community. We have supported a number of community programmes for many years. Our involvement has targeted issues such as poverty relief, environmental education, youth development as well as promoting arts and culture, and supporting social enterprise. Collectively, these initiatives are delivering sustained positive change in the community and fostering a sustainable world for generations to come.

Poverty Relief

Commission on Poverty “Future Stars” Programme

“Future Stars” represents one of Henderson Land’s long-term partnership initiatives where we work closely with NGOs to create sustainable value in the local community. The programme was launched by the Commission on Poverty in 2014 to help underprivileged youth increase their chances of achieving upward social mobility. The Group had supported the programme through financial contributions and by providing diverse job placement opportunities and company visits for the young participants. “Upward Mobility Booster” has provided workplace skills training and internship opportunities that have benefitted over 670 participants in three years. As part of the programme, the Group has also provided an “Upward Mobility Scholarship” to over 530 underprivileged students who have shown progress in academic performance and personal development. The aim has been to motivate students and help them further their studies.

Home Market

Within six years since its establishment, Home Market has developed into a chain of ten not-for-profit convenience stores that provide food and daily necessities at substantially discounted prices to over 160,000 members, who are all disadvantaged or underprivileged. The initiative was launched by the Group’s Vice Chairman, Dr Lee Ka Kit in 2012 with support from Henderson Warmth Foundation Limited as its founding sponsor. Since 2013, its operational costs have been fully subsidised by Lee Shau Kee Foundation Limited. Home Market, a pioneering poverty relief initiative, is an example of the holistic and sustainable approach the Group applies to community investment. As well as providing financial support during its launch year, we have also taken an active ongoing operational and functional role, garnering support from various resources to provide meaningful assistance aimed at poverty alleviation.

Blessing Farm

To support sustainable farming in Hong Kong, the Group is collaborating with Blessing Farm, a social enterprise. A parcel of land in Fanling, the New Territories has been provided for use as an organic farm, with rent fully subsidised. Launched in 2014, the scheme will run through to 2018 for a five–year term. Blessing Farm regularly donates crops to Home Market, a not-for-profitconvenience chain store which sells goods at a subsidised price to the underprivileged. As of July 2017, over 6,600 kg of organic farm-produced vegetables have been donated to the underprivileged, nourishing more than 12,000 people.

Warmth Giving Project

Henderson Warmth Foundation has organised its annual Warmth Giving Project since 2011, inviting the elderly to spring lunch and providing winter sustenance packages to celebrate Chinese New Year. In 2017, the Group invited those recipients who our volunteers have visited regularly to attend the spring lunch and extended warm regards to them. Henderson Club volunteers who knitted scarves for the elderly also participated in this meaningful activity with their family and friends, further promoting the culture of volunteering to the community.

Hong Kong Community Network - Kwai Tsing Ethnic Minority Programme

To offer effective support to ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and foster a caring and equal society, the Group has been sponsoring Hong Kong Community Network’s Kwai Tsing Ethnic Minority Programme since 2014. The programme delivers diverse services to ethnic minorities and low-income groups in Kwai Tsing District, promoting education and employment to the underprivileged and assisting them to integrate into the community. The programme has assisted 40,000 beneficiaries in its first three years.

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