Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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The Group recognises that its business activities have an impact on the community, and strives to reconcile its commercial objectives with the long-term imperatives of sustainable growth, social prosperity and well-being.

The Group is committed to :

  • meeting all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and following voluntary codes and guidelines where applicable on corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) topics;
  • pursuing local and international best practices of CSR, where applicable, in its operations;
  • creating sustainable value for the local economy;
  • regularly monitoring existing and emerging CSR topics material to its operations, and developing commitments, targets and action plans to manage its impacts;
  • minimising the potential negative environmental and social impact resulting from its operations and business activities;
  • delivering quality and responsible products and services for customers;
  • providing appropriate channels for customers to submit any feedback about our products and services, and responding quickly and fairly at all times;
  • managing and mitigating CSR risks along our supply chain through regular assessment and continuous engagement with our suppliers;
  • providing a safe and healthy working environment to all employees and site staff in compliance with the applicable legal requirements;
  • promoting diversity and inclusion in our workplace, ensuring all employees are treated fairly and with respect;
  • investing in employees by providing role specific training and career prospect guidance;
  • promoting CSR awareness among customers, employees, consultants and contractors;
  • engaging with stakeholders from the communities in which we operate, to understand their needs and supporting community activities in partnership with customers, employees, community bodies, society and government;
  • communicating with key stakeholders to understand their views and expectation on CSR topics; and
  • exploring and adopting innovative technologies to improve CSR performance.