Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

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The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (the "Committee") shall assist the Board of Directors (the "Board") of Henderson Land Development Company Limited (the "Company") in reviewing the policies and overseeing the issues with respect to corporate social responsibility ("CSR"), including :

(a) workplace quality;
(b) environmental protection;
(c) operating practices; and
(d) community involvement.
- Members of the Committee shall be appointed or removed by the Board.
- Mr. Lee Ka Shing shall be the chairman of the Committee.
- The current members of the Committee are :
   Mr. Lee Ka Shing
   Mr. Lam Ko Yin, Colin
   Mr. Suen Kwok Lam
   Mr. Sit Pak Wing
   Mr. Yu Wai Wai
   Mr. Kwok Man Cheung, Victor
   Mr. Wong Wing Hoo, Billy
   Ms. Ngan Suet Fong, Bonnie
   Mr. Liu Cheung Yuen, Timon
- The Committee shall meet as and when required and at least once every year.
- The quorum of a meeting shall be two members.
The Committee shall :
(a) consider and formulate the Company's value and strategy as regards to CSR;
(b) develop and review the Company's CSR policies relating to workplace quality, environmental protection, operating practices and community involvement;
(c) identify CSR issues, and related risks and opportunities that are relevant to the Company's operations, and incorporate the issues or factors into the Company's existing risk management;
(d) monitor and oversee the implementation of the Company's CSR policies and practices to ensure compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
(e) evaluate and enhance the Company's CSR performance and make recommendation to the Board for improvement;
(f) review the forms, surveys and questionnaires relating to the Company's sustainability ratings, such as the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series, for submission; and
(g) review and endorse the Company's annual CSR report for the Board’s approval for public disclosure.
Reporting Procedures
- The Committee shall report to the Board at regular intervals for advising the issues as regards to CSR.
- The chairman of the Committee shall attend the annual general meeting and answer questions from the stakeholders on matters relating to CSR.

  May 2019