Environmental Policy

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The Group believes business goes hand in hand with the long term well-being of the society and therefore is committed to the following policy initiatives on environmental protection:

  • To give due consideration to environmental issues in our corporate decision-making process and actively minimise the impact of our business operations on the environment.
  • To continue to improve our environmental performance by complying or exceeding applicable environmental laws and standards, as well as adopting applicable local and international guidelines in our business operations.
  • To attain sustainable building standards in areas of operations to promote local community sustainability.
  • To integrate latest sustainable measures throughout buildings life-cycle from land acquisition and construction to operation, maintenance and demolition.
  • To reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency, conserve resources, use renewable or recyclable materials, and dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • To give priority to environmentally-friendly designs, materials and construction approach and explore green alternatives for our projects.
  • To obtain sustainable building certification such as China GBL, BEAM, LEED, WELL and other green building labels for our development projects where practicable.
  • To favour consultants, contractors and suppliers who follow environmentally-friendly practices in providing their designs, services and products.
  • To encourage our customers, business partners, employees and shareholders to embrace environmental stewardship by providing training, participating in environmental campaigns and supporting community activities.
  • To raise staff’s awareness of environmental issues through education and training and enlist their support in improving our performance.