Environmental Policy

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Henderson Land Group believes business goes hand in hand with the long term well being of the society and therefore is committed to the following policy initiatives on environmental protection :

  • To give due consideration to environmental issues in our corporate decision-making process and actively minimize the impact of our business operations on the environment.
  • To continue to improve our environmental performance and comply with or even exceed applicable environmental laws and standards.
  • To support green building movements in Hong Kong and Mainland China and to serve the environmental needs of our community.
  • To reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency, conserve resources, use renewable or recyclable materials, minimize the use of paper (through the promotion of paperless office and reuse of waste paper) and dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • To give priority to environmentally-friendly designs, materials and construction approach and explore green alternatives for our projects.
  • To obtain environmental certification such as China GBL, BEAM, LEED and other green building labels for our development projects where practicable.
  • To favour consultants, contractors and suppliers who follow environmentally-friendly practices in providing their designs, services and products.
  • To promote environmental awareness amongst our customers, business partners and shareholders and support community activities in relation to environmental protection and sustainability.
  • To raise staff’s awareness of environmental issues through education and training and enlist their support in improving our performance.