Henderson Land's human resources are its most valuable assets. We employ approximately 8,000 full-time staff and are committed to exploiting individuals' talents as well as to encouraging staff to maintain a solid work-life balance. We regularly design and deploy training courses to improve staff knowledge and skills. We strive to conduct a variety of activities to cultivate a sense of belonging among staff while continuously developing an outstanding team of individuals.

To fully exploit the talent of our staff, we foster a culture of continual learning by providing comprehensive study and training opportunities. Training programmes and seminars cover a broad range of topics in three main areas, namely "Understanding the Mainland's Business Dynamics", "Orientation Programme" and "Management Development Programme".

In addition to in-house training programmes, we also provide employees with an educational subsidy to encourage and support those colleagues who wish to improve their professional knowledge and skills by enrolling in external courses. We have established an internal e-Learning network to promote a culture of "continual learning" and to enhance the self-learning initiatives of our employees.

We recognize the importance of nurturing new management talent in order to sustain the long-term development of Henderson Land. A Diploma in Management Development Programme and a Certificate in Supervisory Management Programme are conducted regularly to enhance and strengthen the business knowledge and professional management skills of talented upcoming managers.

We cordially invite you to join our great team at Henderson Land!

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