22 February 2023

Henderson Land Group Teams Up with Food Made Good HK to Pilot Hong Kong’s Industry-leading Menu Carbon Labelling Programme

Henderson Land Group announced its collaboration with Food Made Good Hong Kong (now known as Future Green) to launch a new “Carbon Labelling Programme” in March 2023. The programme is dedicated to fostering a more sustainable food culture, allowing diners at participating restaurants to easily find carbon labelled icons on their menus clearly displaying each dish’s environmental impact, thereby encouraging them to choose responsibly.

As a leading property group, Henderson Land Group is committed to championing sustainable practices throughout its diverse business operations. The Group supports the pilot scheme by engaging and facilitating the participation of F&B establishments, which form a key component of the Carbon Labelling Programme. Chinesology and JAJA, restaurants of Henderson Land Group’s Mira Dining, as well as Gassan, Tell Camellia, TREEHOUSE and Wulao (HK), F&B tenants of Henderson Land Group, are amongst the first in the industry to partake in this initiative.

The programme’s six participating restaurants are a showcase of a diverse range of cuisines and culinary styles from Chinese and Japanese to Western experiences. Recognised for their outstanding food, service and overall culinary experience, chefs and managers from these establishments agree that the programme not only raises the awareness of F&B’s carbon footprint, it also allows supply chains to be evaluated to ensure that sustainable dining experiences are offered, from ingredient sourcing to local supplier relationships.

Menus at the six participating outlets and tenants will clearly label dishes and cocktails as low, medium or high in terms of their climate impact. A low-impact meal is defined as emitting 0.5 kg CO2e or less, based on World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) One Planet Plate initiative for how to eat, to reach the United Nation’s climate goals. The programme will track carbon footprint for the various dishes at the restaurants and will be calculated by an internationally respected data specialist that aggregates a range of food impact factors including land use, transport and packaging, and whether consumption behaviour changes.