15 November 2022

Henderson Land Group Launches New Corporate Video — Its Chairmen Lead the Way in “Realising Your Imagination”

Henderson Land Group ("Henderson Land" or “the Group”) has been driving innovation with a vision to create homes and experiences, to build neighbourhoods and to elevate everyday lives. Today, Henderson Land released a new Corporate Video – “Realising Your Imagination”. Featuring Dr. Peter Lee Ka-kit and Dr. Martin Lee Ka-shing, Chairmen of Henderson Land Group, the video illustrates Henderson Land's vision, mission and the continuing legacy, as well as how the Group has upheld its three brand promises of Innovation, Sustainability, and People.

Henderson Land debuts a new corporate video — “Realising Your Imagination”

Henderson Land’s new corporate video, "Realising Your Imagination", spotlights a blueprint for future generations, showcases the Group's iconic architectural projects and developments, and delivers the Group's determination to keep its brand promises and to promote urban development.

Dr. Peter Lee Ka-kit, Chairman of Henderson Land Group, shared the Group's vision in the video: "Since day one, counting back to 1976, we have been restlessly tapping into cultural insights, better understanding our audience and dissecting the ever-changing needs and demands of society.” This philosophy of “People-centricity” has brought about a wide range of iconic collaborative projects between the Group and leading professionals around the world.

Dr. Martin Lee Ka-shing, Chairman of Henderson Land Group, also shared the Group's spirit with meticulous attention to detail and passion for innovation: "Property development is not just about architectural design. It's about anticipating future needs and purposefully innovating new concepts because new possibilities can be found within the details of creativity and technology.” The Group’s commitment to creating value for the future and its devotion to sustainable development have empowered its projects and businesses to fulfil the needs of the community over the years.

Dr. Peter Lee Ka-kit and Dr. Martin Lee Ka-shing, Chairmen of the Group, said: "We will add to the wisdom and legacy from our heritage and pass them on. And our principles around people centricity and craftsmanship will continue to guide future generations. And we will continue to improve, evolve and innovate, realising the dreams and visions of the people we serve and the cities we call home.”