25 November 2022

Henderson Land Organises “Realising Your Imagination” Creative Competition to Encourage Communal Imagination
Winners to be Awarded Europe Art Trips and Cash Prizes

Over the years, Henderson Land Group ("Henderson Land" or “the Group”) has been driving innovation with a vision to create homes and experiences, to build neighbourhoods and to elevate everyday lives. Having released its new brand manifesto “Realising Your Imagination”, Henderson Land is now organising a “Realising Your Imagination” Creative Competition to build on the momentum. Participants are encouraged to take inspiration from Henderson Land’s projects and developments shaping the cityscape and unleash their imagination through multimedia digital artwork depicting an ideal community, a city of the future or a dream way of life.

Dr. Martin Lee Ka-shing, Chairman of Henderson Land Group, said: “Henderson Land has always devoted itself to building communities, promoting social development, integrating the old with the new, and injecting new energy into our city. The ’Realising Your Imagination’ Creative Competition hopes to offer the public a better understanding of our brand’s devotion not only to innovation, sustainability and people, but also to encouraging communal imagination while promoting projects and developments that make our city, our life and our future better and brighter.”

The competition is split into “Public” and “Student” groups. Participants can take inspiration from Henderson Land’s architectural landmarks over the years, including residential and commercial buildings, and their surrounding neighbourhoods, as well as community projects supported by the Group.

Works in all digital mediums are welcome: a silhouette of your dream city, an ultra-realistic digital design, or even a heart-warming short film. Participants are encouraged to unleash their imagination, draw inspiration from cultures, art, cityscapes and their everyday lives, and let their imagination roam free to depict a dream future or lifestyle.

From 1 December 2022 to 31 January 2023, participants can upload their masterpieces onto the campaign website. Winning works may be displayed on Henderson Land’s “Realising Your Imagination” online exhibition. The First-Place winners will each take home flights and accommodation to Europe for two to further immerse themselves in historical and artistic landmarks. The First, Second and Third Place winners, as well as the recipients of the Special Awards of the two respective categories, will receive merit prizes worth over HK$380,000 in total as encouragement.

Campaign website: https://hld.realisingyourimagination.com/