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Announcement of Senior Management Appointments

16 January 2009, Hong Kong .. Henderson Land Development Company Limited ('the Company') announces today that Mr Tony Tse Wai Chuen, General Manager of the Company's Sales Department since February 2005, will step down with effect from 16 February 2009 and assume the chairmanship of Henderson Sunlight Asset Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company acting as Manager of Sunlight Real Estate Investment Trust, with effect from 17 February 2009, succeeding Mr Kan Fook Yee, the incumbent chairman who will step down upon expiry of his current term on that date.

Succeeding Mr Tse as General Manager is Mr Thomas Lam Tat Man. Aged 49, Mr Lam joined the Company in March 1983 and is currently Senior Deputy General Manager of the Sales Department. Mr Lam holds a Master of Engineering Management degree from the University of Technology, Sydney. He is an Ordinary Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate Administration and an Executive Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing.

Commenting on these appointments, the Company's Vice Chairman, Mr Colin Lam, said: "I would like to thank Mr Tony Tse for his many contributions to the Company over the past years and for his future service as chairman of the board of directors of Henderson Sunlight Asset Management Limited. I would also like to congratulate Mr Thomas Lam on his promotion as General Manager of our Sales Department. Thomas has more than 25 years of experience in the property field and I am sure he will continue to contribute to the success of our Company".

Defrauders Alert

We wish to alert the public of fraudulent emails and messages, purported to be sent from Lee Shau Kee Foundation (“the Foundation”) or Dr Lee Shau Kee (“Dr Lee”), in an attempt to deceive the recipients into believing that they have been granted a monetary donation / funds by the Foundation or Dr Lee.

These fraudulent emails and messages were sent from free webmail addresses such as “”, “”, “”, or via Facebook Messenger from fraudulent social media account such as “”.

We hereby clarify that neither the Foundation nor Dr Lee has proactively sent any emails or messages to individuals and/or companies offering any funds / grants. The Foundation and Dr Lee would not use any free webmail account and have not opened or maintained any social media account. The Foundation and Dr Lee have no connection whatsoever with these fraudulent emails, messages and social media accounts. We have reported the matter to the Hong Kong Police for investigation.

Members of the public should be vigilant with regard to fraudulent emails or messages, and should always exercise due care in disclosing any personal data and information, or in acting upon any request for payment from unverified sources. Please report to the police in case of suspicious of fraud.

For further enquiries, please contact us at