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Land Bank

Henderson Land has a substantial and growing land bank for development in mainland China.

Our strategy is to acquire sites through auction, strategic co-operation and acquisition. This strategy is carefully based on the economic development potential of various cities, as well as the actual market demand for properties in those cities. At present, our business activities focus on the three prime cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, as well as high-growth second-tier cities - mainly the provincial capitals - throughout the country.

We focus on stringent selection criteria so that we can acquire reasonably priced new sites that are of a manageable size for development. We also ensure that all sites for acquisition are vacant and available for immediate development.

Attributable Developable GFA
(million sq. ft.)
1 Shanghai 2.7
2 Guangzhou 14.5
3 Anshan 17.6
4 Changsha 11.9
5 Chengdu 3.6
6 Dalian 9.1
7 Fuzhou 1.2
8 Nanjing 1.3
9 Shenyang 10.6
10 Suzhou 13.8
11 Tieling 8.7
12 Xian 13.0
13 Xuzhou 1.8
14 Yixing 6.9
Total as at 31 December 2015      116.7
Prime cities:
17.2 million sq. ft.
2nd-tier cities:
99.5 million sq. ft.
Land Bank
  • Residential
  • Commerical
  • Office
  • Others (including clubhouses, schools and community facilities)

Defrauders Alert

We wish to alert the public of fraudulent emails and messages, purported to be sent from Lee Shau Kee Foundation (“the Foundation”) or Dr Lee Shau Kee (“Dr Lee”), in an attempt to deceive the recipients into believing that they have been granted a monetary donation / funds by the Foundation or Dr Lee.

These fraudulent emails and messages were sent from free webmail addresses such as “”, “”, “”, or via Facebook Messenger from fraudulent social media account such as “”.

We hereby clarify that neither the Foundation nor Dr Lee has proactively sent any emails or messages to individuals and/or companies offering any funds / grants. The Foundation and Dr Lee would not use any free webmail account and have not opened or maintained any social media account. The Foundation and Dr Lee have no connection whatsoever with these fraudulent emails, messages and social media accounts. We have reported the matter to the Hong Kong Police for investigation.

Members of the public should be vigilant with regard to fraudulent emails or messages, and should always exercise due care in disclosing any personal data and information, or in acting upon any request for payment from unverified sources. Please report to the police in case of suspicious of fraud.

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