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Trend Plaza
Trend Plaza

Basic Information
Address 2 Tuen Hop Street &
2 Tuen Lung Street, Tuen Mun
Property Category Shopping Arcades & Shops
Leasing Enquiry Ms. Mok / Ms. Lee
Tel 2908 8144 / 2908 8292 / 2908 8338

Tuen Mun, now seeing accelerating population growth as a result of the MTR Tuen Ma Line in full operation, shows increasing consumption power. Trend Plaza is in the heart of the Tuen Mun town centre. With several completion of the renovation, it embraces more innovative ideas, and serves the fast-developing town better.

The North and South Wings of The Trend Plaza together gross over 200,000 sq. ft. With footbridge connections to a number of residential estates, shopping arcades and community facilities, The Trend Plaza has been a hot spot for over 500,000 residents living in the district.

In a large range of sizes, shops here satisfy the everyday and lifestyle needs of the neighbourhood. With Citistore and various dining outlets, The Trend Plaza has quickly become a hot spot for the young and trendy.

With continuous Asset Enhancement Work commencing from 2019, Trend Plaza has become an even trendier spot, offering various attractions to tenants and shoppers.

Floor Plan
Floor Plan