Goodwill is dedicated to provide quality management services. An Integrated Management System (IMS), which comprises a Quality and Environmental Management System, has been implemented in certain properties (which include the Head Office and Metro City Plaza II in the name of Gooodwill as well as Miramar Shopping Centre, Miramar Shopping Centre - Hotel Tower and Miramar Tower in the name of Henderson Real Estate Agency Limited). This aims at attaining full and complete satisfaction of our Tenants and Landlords while fulfilling the requirements of ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004. However, our commitment of providing quality services is not only limited to those properties with ISO standard but also extends to other properties, in which system has been well established to ensure the render of quality services to our valuable Tenants and Landlords. The Management Policies of Goodwill are set out as follows:-

Honour our Commitment
With joint-hearted effort of all staff, we strictly adhere to the established management systems (with the IMS particularly for certain properties with ISO standard) and always ensure efficient use of resources with a view to accomplish our objectives and targets set from time to time.

Conscious of Environmental Protection
Be environmental-protection minded: To avoid, minimize and control pollution to our environment are the principles governing our daily operation.

Compliant with Statutory Requirements
To comply with the statutory requirements applicable to our profession, including those relating to environmental protection.

Continuous Improvement
To enhance our management service and environmental quality by implementing, maintaining and persistently improving the established management systems.

Provision of Resources
To implement the management systems by providing adequate resources which include the necessary resources, staff training and monitoring.

Dissemination of Information
Apart from disseminating information to our employees, we also encourage our suppliers and contractors to be aware of and thoroughly understand our Management Policies.