IFC Regence Royale Grand Promenade
Grand Waterfront Kwun Tong 223 The Beverly Hills

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong, Central, International Finance Centre is a project jointly developed by Henderson Land and other renowned developers. Commencing construction in mid-1996, the first 38-storey tower (One IFC) was completed in December 1998. The second tower, 88-storeys high, was completed in 2003 and aspires to be the world's sixth tallest skyscraper.

The IFC is the tallest sea-view commercial, the most prestigious hotel, large shopping arcade and multi-storey car park complex in the city.

Linking the two towers are pedestrian crossings assembled from steel structure pre-fabricated in China and shipped to the site by sea. These two crossings measure 60m each in length, 36m in width and 22m in height. Upon completion it will become a ring-shaped shopping mall with a collection of unique features that help it earn a high position in the architectural community.