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E Man adopts very high safety standards in all projects and in environmental protection. The team strives to maintain the safest working environment and to raise its safety standards from time to time.

A Safety and Environmental Protection Committee has been established to regularly plan and review works on environmental protection and generate prompt decisions whenever necessary. The committee members comprise top-level executives of E Man. The company has also achieved ISO14001 Environmental Management System accreditation.

E Man places in each of the project it undertakes, a safety enforcement task force, comprising the construction manager and safety management officials, to implement safety targets established by the Safety and Environmental Protection Committee and to perform regular safety audits. The registered safety officers based in each of the construction sites will provide consultancy advice, planning, surveillance, communication, coordination and training services to enhance safety operations.

E Man places the issue of environmental protection as one of the top priorities as it materializes all the works it undertakes. It is charged with the mission to ensure the good health of the workers on site and of the general public. This mission is carried out through establishment of benchmarks at the top management level and enhanced communication and promotion at the working level.

E Man always works closely with the project owners in order to introduce to the works concepts of environmental protection, such as recyclable water pipes, self-climb system formwork or add-on balcony structures, for example.

E Man publishes regularly a newsletter "Voice of Henderson" to promote construction safety and environmental protection. It organizes quizzes and slogan design competitions every year to boost staff's understanding in safety and environment conservation. E Man also maintains communications with its industry peers to keep itself updated of the latest information in environmental conservation and safety in the construction industry.