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E Man aspires to complete every project it undertakes with the highest quality of work. It has reached all legal, regulatory and industry standards in quality management and has always been able to complete projects in full compliance with contract terms. The ISO9002 quality assurance accreditation it received in 1994 and the enhanced ISO9001 (2002 version) accreditation in 2002 represented an endorsement by the international construction industry of E Man's quality management system.

Over the past 30 years of continuous improvement,
E Man has maintained very strict standards in every single procedure, from concrete structure, plastering to decoration works. To ensure the quality of all construction materials, electrical and mechanical equipments and construction results fulfill all prescribed standards, the company, with the help of advanced technology and equipment, checks every part of the building before installation. An independent quality control team will also conduct a spot check to assure the quality standard.

E Man's management reviews the company's quality of work as a long-term on-going effort. It sets up research committees to devise work manuals, study use of new materials and application of new construction know-how in an effort to make the E Man brand synonymous with best quality work. The projects E Man completed over the last 30 years are the best illustration of its efforts to pursue better quality.