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As a construction company that puts quality in its highest priority, E Man places a lot of emphasis and resources on professional skills and staff training. These, together with the latest construction technology, ensures on-time delivery and high standards in all the projects we undertake.

Though most members of the middle to upper management staff at E Man possess professional qualifications as construction managers, structural engineers, civil engineers and qualified surveyors, E Man continuously enhances the skills of its 600 professional talents through regular internal training. The company also frequently sends staff on training courses organized by external institutions, and to participate in examinations for professional qualifications, advancing their level of knowledge even further.

E Man also fully supports apprenticeship courses organized by the Construction Industry Training Authority (CITA) and has committed to invest in CITA graduates through provision of on-the-job training and frequent communication with the CITA officials on training issues.

E Man upholds a very strict standard on construction quality and management. It not only introduces and develops new construction technology to raise construction quality; it also uses a cost control team to ensure costs remain efficient, and budgets not exceeded.

Construction Technology

  • Modified self-climb system formwork to construct the whole floor in a single step to speed up the process, save time, enhance quality and help preserve the environment
  • Hardiwall System for internal partition walls to enhance quality, help preserve environment and enable more efficient use of floor area
  • Aluminum formwork system in construction to enhance the quality and help preserve the environment
  • Large panel formwork to provide better guarantee for quality and completion time
  • Pre-casted facade in Sai Wan Ho Project
  • Pre-fabricated Unit Bath in the Sai Wan Ho Project, an environmentally-friendly technique and the first of its kind to be used in Hong Kong

Intelligent Construction and Project Management

E Man joined with Future Home Limited, a subsidiary of Henderson Cyber Limited, to develop the iCPM management platform. The new system benefited from E Man's extensive construction experience, and iCPM's Internet technology to become the pioneer in the local construction industry to link company headquarters with construction sites; to keep records of information on the project; to estimate the overall costs and ensure there is sufficient manpower support and materials supply.

iCPM also provides an effective channel for the exchange of information between project participants, the client, architects and engineers, keeping every member abreast of the latest information. Paper documents are also reduced, and transparency enhanced.

E Man's project management software accurately records completion deadlines of each project component and the materials procurement requirement. When coupled with the costing framework set at the planning stage, these ensure that adequate materials and human resources are deployed to allow close supervision of the construction progress. This is a key to effective cost control and time management.

Through PDA or document management system in iCPM, problems arising in the construction site can be recorded and redirected to the relevant parties for efficient resolutions. The whole progress of communication is recorded for future reference.

With the security and attendance system installed in the iCPM, identities of all personnel that go in and out of all construction sites may be recorded. This on the one hand saves time for human resources management while on the other, enables the sharing of information with contractors.

During the handover period, iCPM can record and follow-up with all the comments from flat owners as well as the status of maintenance. It helps to increase convenience for flat owners and alleviate their worries. During the period of transfer of ownership, iCPM will still play the record and analysis role, to make sure the records of the whole project from beginning through different stages will be recorded and stored systematically.

The records saved in the iCPM help to manage daily work and also serves as the precious reference for the next project.