Environmental Policy

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The Group places the principles of corporate social responsibility at the heart of its business. Sustainability and community well-being are prioritised during our business decision making and throughout the process of development activities. The Group’s sustainability strategy is based on 5 drivers:

  • Social Responsibility: to pursue overall community benefits through the business operations; to create a sustainable community and society by implementing best practice.
  • Environmental Impact Reduction: to monitor environmental footprint; to mitigate any direct and indirect negative environmental impact to the society through technology innovation, strategic partnership and awareness raising.
  • Industry Collaboration: to maintain strategic and long-term partnership with suppliers, contractors and business partners along the value chain who share the same sustainability visions and values.
  • Product Responsibility and Innovation: to deliver responsible, high quality and innovative products to customers; to promote innovations in the industry; to engage with customers regularly to understand their expectations on products.
  • People-focused Workplace: to attract and retain the best talents; to understand employees’ expectations; to provide a healthy and safe workplace; to provide adequate training and education in fulfilling their career aspirations; and to promote workforce inclusion and diversity.