Property Related Businesses


The Group owns the ultra-deluxe Four Seasons Hotel in the International Finance Centre (ifc) complex. Offering the finest restaurants, a deluxe spa and top-class room facilities, the Four Seasons is one of the premier hotels in Hong Kong with a loyal clientele of the most discerning overseas and local guests.


Henderson Land’s reputation for exceptional product quality is largely attributable to the professionalism of our Construction Division, which works closely with our Project Management Departments. Their combined dedication enables us to continuously deliver the finest properties that our customers have come to expect. The Division’s commitment to international standards of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, along with a constant focus on site safety, has earned it numerous prestigious industry accolades.

Property Management

The Group’s three property management companies fulfil our pledge to provide the finest services to customers in Hong Kong and mainland China. The companies collectively manage a substantial number of apartments and industrial/commercial units, shopping and office spaces, and car parking units. Their excellent work has resulted in numerous awards that reflect our ongoing contribution to the property sector and to the community at large.