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Shatin Centre & Shatin Plaza
Shatin Centre & Shatin Plaza
Basic Information
Address 2-16 Wan Pok Street, Shatin
Property Category Shopping Arcades & Shops
Website Shatin Centre & Shatin Plaza
Leasing Enquiry Mr. Lee
Tel 2603 0591 / 2908 8338

Both Shatin Centre and Shatin Plaza located in the heart of Shatin, have become the routine destination of the 800,000 residents in the district. Besides connecting the two arcades, footbridges link their superior location with the Sha Tin MTR Station, a bus terminus as well as Lek Yuen and Wo Che Housing Estates.

The huge population in the area has attracted a full assortment of shops in the two arcades totaling 260,000 sq. ft. While Shatin Centre features shops mostly in the fashion and accessories category, Shatin Plaza carries a lot of telecom products, health products as well as gold and jewelry shops. Both arcades also provide a large variety of dining choices, including fast food, noodle stores and Chinese restaurants.

Shatin Centre and Shatin Plaza, the hub of a self-sustained community for over two decades, make an ideal location for any business that aims to meet the daily needs of the neighbourhood.

Floor Plan
Floor Plan