19 May 2022

Henderson Land Launches Industry-first ESG Partnership Programme at “The Henderson” — a Tri-party Collaboration Empowering Tenants and Their Employees to Strive towards Sustainability Goals

Henderson Land Development Company Limited ("Henderson Land" or “the Group”) (Stock code: 12) is proud to announce the launch of its industry-first Landlord-Individual-Tenant (LIT) ESG Partnership Programme (“the Programme”), a three-way collaboration that engages not only corporate tenants of The Henderson — the Group’s up-and-coming flagship commercial development in Central — but also their individual employees in pursuing ambitious, data-driven sustainability goals.

As an industry frontrunner in harnessing smart and innovative technologies across its property developments, Henderson Land has taken a leading role in advancing sustainability and is committed to driving a collective lifestyle change towards ESG betterment. The Programme operates in two ways, first by incentivising tenants and their employees to partake in ESG-positive efforts using rewards, and then by providing a next-generation big data and intelligent management platform that enables participating tenants to track, analyse and quantify their ESG performance effectively for ESG reporting.

Commenting on this pioneering initiative, Dr. Martin Lee Ka-shing, Chairman of Henderson Land Group, said: “Sustainability is fundamental to building a better and more liveable future for all. We hope to realise a smart, sustainable workplace of the future at The Henderson through this all-round ESG Partnership Programme, which reaffirms the Group's aspiration to reshape the current ESG landscape in the property sector and to champion industry-leading sustainable practices.”

A Smart App that Rewards ESG-positive Efforts at All Levels
Unlike the industry practice of involving solely the tenants or individual employees in ESG pursuits, the Programme takes a great stride forward by bringing both parties into the picture, as well as by directly recognising their ESG achievements with enticing rewards and incentives. Participating tenants’ and individual employees’ ESG-positive actions and contributions will be evaluated by four key drivers, namely Carbon Neutrality, Health and Wellbeing, Partnership for Good, and Integrated Culture, all of which are easily tracked and managed through the “Smart Office” mobile app, a one-stop platform that leverages bespoke big data systems and records tenants’ overall ESG performance. Upon reaching specific sustainability milestones, participants will be rewarded with “HEND COINS”, which are redeemable tokens for direct rewards and benefits.

Real-time Collection and Analysis of Crucial ESG Data
When it comes to ESG data management at The Henderson, the system is powered by the state-of-the-art Digital Twin technology, which creates a virtual smart building “twin” of the physical property. Through its advanced IT infrastructural support, integrated Building Information Modelling (BIM) and intelligent Facility Management System (FM Portal), a full spectrum of crucial data covering a total of 12 ESG aspects, including energy, carbon and waste management, is mapped out in real time and provided to tenants to help them determine the best ESG strategy. Such a comprehensive data pool is essential not only to local and international ESG sustainability assessments, such as the Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index (HSSUS), the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and the MSCI ESG Indexes, but also to ESG reporting disclosures, such as Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) ESG Reporting, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Redefining a Smart, Sustainable Workplace of the Future
Nowhere is better equipped and positioned to bring together world-class and like-minded business pioneers and leaders in their respective industries to embark on a shared sustainability journey than The Henderson, a highly anticipated super Grade-A office tower that has already received numerous prestigious honours, including the Grand Award (New Buildings Category: Projects Under Construction and/or Design - Commercial) at Green Building Award 2021, the LEED Platinum Pre-certification (Core & Shell), the WELL Platinum Level Pre-certification and the Hong Kong BEAM Plus (New Buildings) Provisional Platinum Rating. Upon its scheduled completion in 2023, The Henderson is poised to become a sustainable workplace of the future with an all-embracing ESG ecosystem that ushers in unprecedented sustainability milestones.