9 March 2024

Henderson Land Organises Urban Farming Experience at Its Organic Farm “Harvest Above” for Strive and Rise Programme
Reaffirming Commitment to Supporting Local Youth and Embracing Sustainable Living

Henderson Land Development Company Limited (“Henderson Land” or “the Group”) (Stock code: 12), together with the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Strive and Rise Programme, organised an urban farming experience today at the Group’s latest urban organic farm “Harvest Above”. One hundred programme mentors and mentees visited the farm to engage in organic farming, savour the flavours of farm-to-table produce and learn about sustainability. Mr Chan Kwok- ki, GBS, IDSM, JP, Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong SAR Government, and Mr Augustine Wong Ho-ming, JP, Executive Director at Henderson Land, were among those in attendance.

Mr Chan Kwok-ki, GBS, IDSM, JP, remarked: “I would like to extend my appreciation to Henderson Land for its steadfast support to the Strive and Rise Programme and for serving as a Vice Chairperson of the Programme’s Partners’ Board. As the Programme has embarked on the second round, I am delighted to see Henderson Land’s continued dedication to organising wide-ranging group activities for mentees and mentors. Among them is today's ‘Harvest Above’ event. The Hong Kong SAR Government fully supports urban agriculture and encourages the business sector to integrate this element into their suitable development projects. ‘Harvest Above’ is a good example that enables tenants and the public to experience urban organic farming while promoting community exchanges."

Mr Augustine Wong Ho-ming, JP, commented: “As a staunch supporter of youth development, Henderson Land has renewed its support for the Strive and Rise programme as it enters its second year. We are deeply appreciative of the Hong Kong SAR Government’s tireless efforts in encouraging the business sector to participate in the programme. We hope that today’s event will cultivate a strong work ethic in the students and mentors and inspire them to take part in the programme with even greater fervour, empowering more young people to broaden their horizons and plan for the future. Also, as sustainable development has taken on increased significance globally, we hope that through thisexperience, the participants can enhance their awareness of environmental conservation and healthy eating and embrace a green and low-carbon lifestyle together."

Coming together for the joy of harvesting
Henderson Land has recently introduced a new sustainability project known as “Harvest Above”, an urban organic farming initiative that brings green spaces to the city. The project aims to promote a sustainable lifestyle and enhance the overall well-being of the local coomunity. As part of this initiative, the Group today organised the “Harvest Above x Strive and Rise Programme Urban Farming Experience” at H Zentre, the Group’s commercial development in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The event featured harvesting sessions led by local social enterprise “Rooftop Republic Academy”, where instructors explained the principles of organic farming and showcased a variety of “superfoods” grown at the urban farm. Participating mentees and mentors also got to harvest the organic crops, offering them a firsthand glimpse into the daily life of a farmer.

Under the guidance of Aqua’s Executive Chef Ilaria Zamperlin, the participants were invited to prepare a delectable “farm-to-table” salad using the freshly harvested organic vegetables. The experience allowed them to appreciate the taste and nutritional value of organic produce while encouraging them to adopt a more sustainable diet in their daily lives. Following the experience, the mentees and mentors gathered at Aqua and enjoyed a delightful afternoon tea, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding between them.

Learning about organic produce and promoting a sustainable lifestyle through urban farming
The “Harvest Above” urban farms are located on the rooftops of H Zentre in Tsim Sha Tsui and Manulife Financial Centre in Kwun Tong respectively. They provide tenants and the public with the opportunity to experience the joy of farming and elevate community engagement. The name “Harvest” symbolises bountiful growth, while “Above” represents the vitality and balance that urban farming brings to our health and well-being. The farms cultivate over 40 kinds of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs, with more than half being nutritious “superfoods” including romaine lettuce, spinach, purple cabbage, cherry radish, beetroot, moringa, curry leaves and arugula. The project aims to promote the health benefits of superfoods, raise awareness of one’s dietary habits, and encourage people to choose nutritionally rich foods to enhance their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Henderson Land’s commitment to empowering youth and injecting vitality into society
Henderson Land and the Lee Shau Kee Foundation share a longstanding commitment to youth development, striving to help young people unleash their potential and provide them with growth opportunities. Henderson Land has been actively supporting the Hong Kong Government's Strive and Rise Programme by recruiting mentors from the Group’s companies and the Centum Charitas Foundation and providing a series of group activities for the mentees, such as visits to the Towngas headquarters, Hong Kong Ferry’s shipyards, the Kong Ha Wai transitional housing project and the Kong Ha Wai Mansion (a Grade III historic building under restoration by the Group).

In addition, the Group has recently announced its commitment to the Government’s Scheme on Corporate Summer Internship on the Mainland and Overseas 2024 by offering local undergraduate or postgraduate students internship placements across Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou with its Leasing Department. This eight-week programme aims to give young individuals the opportunity to gain hands- on experience in mainland China, expand their horizons and establish their personal networks, thereby paving the way for their future personal and professional development.